Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Dad jokes

WOW, I didn't realize this.

"We’ve all heard them. But perhaps nobody is more viscerally aware of this change than the single 30-somethings out there, the ones forced to stand idly by and watch this slow death of sophistication; to watch the wildest guys in the room slowly become unfunny husks of their former selves. It’s like watching a clown car careening off a cliff. "

Mmh, interesting.

Link through matador

Russia links -- reference points

Monday, 24 March 2014

Scribbles on security

3 important things that need consideration... and a lot of thought.

a. Agricultural security and preparedness. There has to be some measure in place to ensure that we are self-sufficient agriculturally. Yes, we are to an extent. But we NEED more. The current model doesn't seem to be working

b. Defense security and self-sufficiency: We are quite pathetic when it comes to this front. Still need to depend on imports to fulfill even basic needs. IAF still is looking around for potential sellers so they can train their young rookie pilots on [PC-7 Pilatus Mark-II]. And they promptly put the pilots on plans which are far inferior to the ones they get trained in. Huh? Don't believe me. Check this
And this is just half the problem. Submarines? Sea faring ships. Well, we need a fair bit of work there too.

c. Energy security: we have done too little and too few on this end too.

Unless we have a firm plan and even firmer implementation of the plans, we are going to muddle around for a fair while.

[I have read that we have some of the best plans on paper - great on strategy but v poor on implementation]

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Idhu Varai

Late to this beat. Bu happened to hear this only today. Clearly and calmly. Boy, its a winner

Yuvan Shankar Raja really gets it [unlike ARR]. Reckon, the son picks from where his dad left. Brilliant stuff.

Idhu Varai

I wonder and go soulful on how the best of songs seem to ring a bell in the mind. Beautiul guitar [Hawaiian style?] and decent live drums. Rings a distant bell but unique in its own way.

Priceless. unforgettable. Stylish.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Nat Gas

again back to my current fav topic... Nat Gas and how it influences everyones lives.

Need to spend more time on this later.


Update: this gives a clear picture of the gas pipes through Ukraine. Ukraine path ways
One more : from Ukraine energy

More stubs: Ukraine / Russia good link

Yet another: Russia and dependence of EU on Russia Nat gas

Yet another another: How The EU And U.S. Can Strangle Russia Inc