Monday, 22 August 2011

Individual Choice - Use it or lose it

Yesterday evening was fun in a different kind of way. I accompanied my friend to watch a play named "Blue Thugs Mug" which has been aired as part of the Theatre festival of the Hindu group.

a. Great ambience. The school's auditorium - Lady Andal is posh and looks like a private auditorium more than a school auditorium. Bose speakers, humungous sized projector screen and spectacularly airconditioned considered the huge space involved and plush seats to boot(y).
b. Pretty women lined up to watch the play. I dont know where they materialise from only to be absent immediately after the play is over. Happens in almost all plays that I get to watch. Even this is stage managed?
c. Music before the play was outstanding. I happened to  see the same band perform live a few weeks back in Elliots Beach as part of a NDTV-Hindu "Go green" week or something on those lines. The drummers are quite good!

The play was sad and quite umimpressive though. Not much to add in that except that the performers did their best and were probably even good but one cant carry the show on the weight of their shoulders unless there is some rhyme or logic or a connect in the sequence... All of which were missing, by the way.

Night: I came and spoke to a friend who was quite disappointed the way life was turning out and how things arent quite coming up the way he would have liked it.

I wondered: Isnt the very fact that you are disappointed and want to move on a step in the right direction? One has to believe in something and individual choice becomes very important. If something didnt work out till when I was in my formative years, I could look around for blame. But if something doesnt work out now - when one is fairly decently settled and can decide for himself / herself, we have only ourselves to blame. Individual choice becomes very important here. Use it or lose it. Keep at something long enough and consciously improve and one should reach where he / she has to. So I mentioned to my friend.
Now I wonder: Isnt it also true that if we really believed in individual choice, we wouldnt have brought ourselves to the place we currently are in if we are deeply disappointed about it too? Unless we are masochistic and believe in pain, that is.