Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Trust yourself... to make it happen

Does it pay to leave a secured job or a secured position in life to have a shot at adventure and live the life of a show man [with all its associated tragic failures and incredible successes]

Is it worth to throw all that you have got to try and achieve the impossible - to have a momentary shot at glory trying to negotiate all obstacles, doing the same with infinite care, firm in the belief that failure at any point means you need to start all over again?

Is it worthy of a life to give up earthly comforts and safe living, to have a shot at living on the edge knowing that it can cause discomfort and upheaval.

It is worth it all. But one needs to be sure about trust. Trust yourself... and make it happen.

Trust is the watchword... and the byword. Nothing truly great or spectacular wasnt built in a day. It wasnt built while the builders felt safe and secure either. Trust your gut and go for it. With a little bit of luck and lots of hardwork, who knows whats in store?

Update: Sep 17 2013: IF - Rudyard Kipling I didnt realise that I didnt link IF up!