Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Nice article from WOTR about whats what.

Truly worth reading if one wants to get an understanding of what really AILS Pakistan by thinking about Islamism the way they do.

BTW, I did see another article by Rakesh Sood a few days back which was pretty much incisive and cutting too.

Link here

Salient points:

- A lot of it has to do with the framework that the British Raj used
- Rae Bareilly is also mentioned. Mmh. I do wonder what if anything has to do with the Congress family repeatedly standing for elections from that constituency.
- So we have a pure Islamist and a Pashtun Islamist now. Now for more variants - Baloch Islamist, Pakjabi Islamist, Sindh Islamist and so on and so forth.

Pakistan is at a cross road and I don't know if the powers that be know it.