Monday, 19 January 2015

Arab exceptionalism in the 21st century

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Today in East and South Asia the humiliation is over. One can be proud to be Chinese or Indian, not simply because of the glories of the past, but because of the accomplishments of today and the expectations of further progress tomorrow. The Arab, in contrast, can bask in the glories of the past, but can draw no sense of pride from the conditions of the present; and prospects for the future, as things stand in 2015, seem bleak.
Sources of terrorism arise in significant part from frustration. This sense of frustration has spread from the Arab world to other parts of the Ummah, notably in Central Asia and Africa: the recent terrorist attacks in Paris were perpetrated by French Arab Islamists, the London bombings ten years ago were the work of British Islamists of Pakistani origin."

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I have been seeing a lot of graphs and other evidence of how much the Indian / Harappan civvy was in terms of world GDP and it was almost 35+%.