Monday, 23 February 2015

Thoughts to tickle the sense and mull over

The funny thing that life is.

Why is it that we feel the need to talk to a person the most when we push the relationship into the oblivion and then hope for a better outcome. Why don't we strive to improve the relationship earlier?

Why is it that we feel the use for a thing the most, once its broken. We abused it a fair bit and hence it broke. Why don't we think of the utility earlier?

Why is it that the guy at the top, the one who can afford to give in more and trust a little bit more, expect that the guys at the bottom should be more trust worthy and also work towards 'earning' the trust of their 'bosses'?
In reality, the guy at the bottom has a lot more to lose, by any measure, because the relationship is tilted in almost absolute favor of the company and the superior management... and still the bottom level isn't being trusted enough. And when the bottom level hits back, the bosses wonder "why? how? what? How is it possible that the bottom of the totem pole can launch such an assault against the superiors?" That said, why is it that the guys at the top aren't being a bit more flexible and a bit more trusting. Trust works both ways.

Why is it that when people say NO ,there are no negotiable options at all. Its just a NO without answers or reasons.

Its an unfair world. Its a world where issues aren't analysed, debated and discussed. But decisions are done, nevertheless. But we, as people, are judged. Rightly or wrongly.

Silly, stupid, senseless. This is absolute depravation. Is this also the sign of regression in mankind?

Why did all this happen?