Monday, 8 July 2013

Murry... Murry... Murray.

In a sensational match of absolute stamina and power hitting, Murray won over Djokovic and won his maiden Wimbledon.

It was a gripping match and he seemed to have all the answers for the questions that his opponent posed. I am assuming that this is the beginning for something good - a journey that started during Olympics 2012... when he beat Federer in the finals to clinch gold. That too about a couple of months after losing to Federer in the 2012 Wimbledon. Bitter Sweet.

Djokovic will bounce back. Federer might [or might not] win Salms again, Nadal will come back roaring. But one thing is for sure - Murray is getting better and the competition will become more intense.

Now if only Tsonga can take a lesson out of this and start playing unbelievably too. He has it in him and hope he gets the belief and does it over time... Consistently. Without giving up. Do it.

Murray has a timely thought for all of us. Beasts can be tamed. It takes time but we all can have the last laugh... Keep at it.