Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Leadership lessons

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  • Help assure their employees (especially those working in particularly creative or complex jobs) have the chance to spend at least part of their working hours in “flow”; the uninterrupted, highly concentrated  state where the best and most innovative work tends to get accomplished.
  • Create an environment where employees generally feel challenged and energized – vs. so bored that they lose interest, or so pressured that they burn out.
  • Make sure meetings feel useful and productive (he encourages asking employees to rate meetings and offer suggestions for improvement).
  • Encourage and require learning.  Slavet notes (and I couldn’t agree more) that the “ability to learn is like the compounding interest on an investment: after two or three years, a relentless learner stands head and shoulders above his/her peers.” He suggest regularly asking employees what they’ve learned and how it’s helped them, their customers, or their teams.
  • Establish a 5:1 ratio of positive to negative interactions with your employees.