Friday, 18 October 2013

SaaS, Cloud, Cloud Security and things around it

Been working on AWS, Cloud, Cloud Security and looking at various methods of securing the cloud and also do capacity estimations for the infrastructure challenges and the like.

A few brilliant sites:

a. CSO online has great material on good options for securing the cloud. here
b. OpenVPN Access Server seems like a good to use VPN if one wants a VPN connection to protect the machines from the internet. [They have an AMi that is optimized for AWS too! Yay!]
c. Cipher cloud, Porticor etc seem to do a decent bit as far as tokenizing data and encrypting them is concerned.

I am looking at Veeva, Ravello and such too. [I remember that AWS provided one more solution for inter-subnet data transfer at cheap rates w/o passing the internet. Is it Vyatta? ?Need to check.

What is being used otherwise? Tips and tricks should always help!