Monday, 30 December 2013

Au revoir, Kallis

What a classic cricketer you have been. A humble servant of the game for about 18 years. Will truly miss the upcoming tests without you.

Lots of the old team is going off. Tests don't look the same anymore. What with even Swann moving out before boxing day [the fact that I took a shortish vacation made me realize that he announced his retirement only today. A shocker!]

The old guard is stepping down... another spring, another bloosoming period... except that the current lot doesn't seem up to it. Fraught with risks and opportunities.

Interesting Martin Crowe has a nice write up on Kallis

I will surely rate him on the very top... up there with Sir Garfield. Stats though make him look even better than Gary.

I see Ian Chappell's take slightly late. Here

Difficult customer to please... and those are good words from him.