Sunday, 1 December 2013

Mangalyaan : Indian Mars Orbiter Mission

“In my humble opinion, what projects like India’s Mars Orbiter mean to a country’s economy has nothing to do with the actual dollars and cents, or in this case the rupees and paise, but the inspirational impact it has on students to study science, technology, engineering and math and the morale boost and general optimism such an audacious project can give to an emerging nation,” he said.  ”Such confidence to innovate and achieve can spread positively through an economy.  Becoming a major space faring nation means something and more countries seek such a status every year.  Of course, a nation can also use those funds for more shovel ready projects, but then all you get are more citizens that know how to use shovels.  What will be the key to success in this 21st century?  More shoveling, hammering and paving? Or complex engineering, computer skills and scientific discovery?”

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