Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Quick thoughts on the 2014 Indian elections

Pretty much on expected lines? Coming of the NDA should hopefully herald a much needed growth phase to the adolescent Indian economy. The 80 year teenager has been there for far too long at the helm [~10 yrs as PM] and its about time we got some fresh infusion of blood and ideas too.

I am most disappointed and worried about the decision of the President not to vote. Particularly when there is a 49-O that's handy. He surely can vote NOTA and still be impartial to any candidate while also exemplifying the fact that voting is a privilege that needs to be exercised? I am surprised that the President advisors missed a trick there. Useless idiots. Haven't thought through the case properly, or so I think

All said and done, it looks like it will likely be Modi for a few years. Should be interesting to see how things are done from here. Will we see more crafty and practical / principled foreign policy? What about a new energy policy? More focus on non-renewables? Do we even have a focused plan for capacity addition on energy? How about making ONGC Videsh a bit more global?

Oh, what are the plans for defense? More focus on indigenization, surely? Kaveri engine? LCA? We are planning on doing  anything about our maritime interests? Shore up the eastern command? Tzoo many things on the plate, mate. Lets begin, lets end. About time we had some fun.