Saturday, 21 September 2013

Apple : iOS7 and A7 chip

Apple did a lot of good things recently.
a. Shipped iOS7 [I personally like it. I see that a lot of the guys complain too. Jury is still out. But I like what I see]
 b. Introduced lower cost phones 5c and also upped the higher range 5s.

Incidentally, I also saw a few reports which said that Network providers had crates and crates of 5c while they didnt have enough 5s phones. Possibly Apple is trying to create a market for 5c as this is the first time Apple is having 2 product lines in the same version [and hence will be a new chapter and experience for them too].

Overall reports are currently good. iOS7 has brought in wholesale changes to the approach [UX Lives!]
It remains to be seen how the battery and performance holds.

As always a few difficulties too - 2 security flaws already reported. One to do with control through control centre and access mail, twitter, photo stream and such. Other is to do with calling on a locked phone using the emergency phone options. Sadly, both of the flaws can be tried on a locked phone too.

This link gives a good overview of how the A7 chip holds up and why its a benchmark beast.

Link here

Skeuomorphism is finally out. Good one, Jony Ive. One up on Scott Forstall? The next few days and months should tell.

Update: Sep 30th: Aahaa. Brilliant link