Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Travel - random ramblings on recently covered destinations

Been a long time since I scribbled on travel... after all, its about equal parts off-beat travel too.

A few of the trips I did recently that I didnt write about:

a. A nice Masinagudi trip again last Dec [by car] Earlier entry on Masinagudi here
b. Honey Valley again last month Earlier entry on Madikkeri here

Good 2 destinations that I have done multiple times and both by bike and car. Good going.

I did Trichy and back last week in 2 days. Crazy roads. About 950 kms. Took the Salem-Namakkal-Thottiyam-Musiri-Trichy-Thanjavur route.

The Namakkal-Thottiyam-Musiri-Trichy route is long, meandering and quite scenic... but its also a very tough ride as its a state highway, quite rough and tough going as it has a lot of oncoming traffic... not very bike friendly.

Hence, when I came back, I took the Tanjore-Trichy-Karur-Nammakal-Salem-Bangalore instead. Luckily, I was travelling alone, else, it might have been a crazy journey to do in 2 days. JUST not a 2-day trip. Coming from me who did Rameshwaram in a single day from Bangalore on boxing day a couple of years back, its a point that one would do well to heed. [BLR-Rameshwaram is about 800 kms to the dot and a lot of it is state highway and it was just after monsoon when I did it... it was an interesting ride. More on that later. Needs a separate entry on that!]

Oh, forgot to mention... just had a couple of hours the other day as I had some free time and wanted to take the bike. Just for the heck of it, tried the Hosur-Rayakottai-Hogenakkal route. Went upto Anchetty and a bit beyond. Goodness me, insanely beautiful. I was reminded of the Alangayam-Jamunamaruthur-Polur route near Tiruvannamalai. Long winding roads, forest range, spiralling hairpin bends and lovely lovely atmosphere with the smell of wet soil. Heady! Loved every bit of the drive.