Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Observations on Indian Foreign Policy over the years

Splitting the original post into 2 so there is logical structure. Syria and India are as different as chalk and cheese and putting both inside the same post makes little sense.

So, here goes.

Been reading up on a lot of op-eds recently. Lots of reasons behind it... general insatiable urge to lap up on why things are happening so crazily at the international front, why India did the policy decisions they have [or the lack of policies for that matter] till date and such. Another major reason is also the super forecasting that is required for the good judgment project that I am part of. [GJP is the link in case you want to know more on the same]

Was searching around for stuff and got a wealth of information:

Across Borders by JN.Dixit. he was an ex-foreign sec himself during the '90's and apparently this is a reference text book for foreign policy in the Indian Universities! Its India centric and broadly describes about what drove Indian FP from 1947-1998.

I didnt realise Firstpost has good authors. This is genuinely good for the points that are mentioned. Not all are absolutely valid, mind you. But it is worth reading up. Firstpost

All of Praveen Swami's articles here

On the same note, my earlier post on the same topic with references to stellar links here